Status Hat Productions



As an arts collaborative, Status Hat Productions is interested in developing and producing new works in a variety of media, as well as encouraging such collaboration with other artists, writers, musicians and community members, in an effort to promote the shared cultural benefits provided by community-wide participation in, and exposure to, the arts in every day life.

Internship and collaborative opportunities are provided to students and community members as one way of developing such participation, increasing knowledge of the arts, and providing skill development and learning opportunities (personal, academic and/or career).  Our internship program began in 2008, and since that time we have had almost 30 individuals complete a variety of internships with Status Hat, with our main internship opportunities in two areas:  editing/research and media arts production.  

We are particularly interested in offering opportunities for student writers, artists & musicians to engage in a working-arts environment. Contact us at for inquiries, current listings & application materials.

Updated:  June 16, 2011