two stories by writer joshua canipe

- the first story triggered a new photo by artist erica mccreedy
  - the second joshua created in response to a photo by artist hillary joubert  - 

 to read joshua's short stories,
 and see full images of the photographs,
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"Words, like flashcards, flip through my head,

and I try to push away the hard ones,

like Hey, or Rhonda, or Sorry."

"dirt in the blood "

                              Dirt In the Blood - art by Erica McCreedy

                               a short story by joshua canipe

                                        inspired response art

                                                      by erica mccreedy 


The Whisper by Hillary Jobert

  art by hillary joubert

                            inspired a short story

                                                    by joshua canipe:

 "a long flight over water"


"In Kansas, she learned, there were no oceans nearby.

 They did not look close even on the map she taped

to the refrigerator"


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