two poems by writer steven brown

- the first poem triggered a new work by artist meagan dye
- the second steven created in response to a work by artist russie wight-waltman  -

to read steven's poems,
and see full images of the art,
links are provided below.


"I’ve forgotten those wishes of my youth,

clutched like olive twigs"
                  "be right back

                                Be Right Back - art by Meagan Dye

                       a poem by steven brown

                                           inspired response art

                                                        by meagan dye 

"Fusion" by Russie Wight-Waltman

  art by russie wight-waltman 

                            inspired a poem 

                                                    by steven brown:

 "house of the vitruvian man"


"he reached and was himself the end

 of that reach—the house, the wall"

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